Our Customers

Xenbytes believes in specialization. The IT world is too wide and a generic technician cannot perform the same if he is weel trained in specific applications according to the business. Xenbytes focuses only in Small offices with no more than 30 workstations and up to 2 Servers. Here, you can find examples of  our customers:

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Small Clinics
Dental Offices
Accountants & Tax Preparers
Professionals working from Home

Nowdays Network perfomance is crucial with applications that are webbased and depends on internet. We can check modems, switches, routers, cabling and optimize the network of your office. Also we can assit you in having secure remote connections to monitor applications and security cameras.

We have 5 years of experience working with dental applications such as Patterson, Dentrix, Dexis, etc. Today for Dental offices, the key to growing their practice is having reliable, integrated office technology that is the heart of their dental "business". The right technology in your practice not only improves patient care, but also simplifies practice management.

Applications such as Quickbooks, Peachtree, Sage, Bookeeper, etc are now switching to online versions  and as the clinics, network structure and internet speed are crucial for perfomance. We have customized strategies for accountants to remote connect to clients and manage accounting software and create optimal backup strategy.

Professionals working from home are using several technology devices such as printers, tablets, cellphones that need to be secure connected to home network.  We can analyze your devices and assit you to have them working at peak perfomance and protected from malware and viruses.

Why Xenbytes as your ally?

  • Trustable

  • Commitment

  • Affordable rates

  • Monthly and bi-monthly plans based on PC usage

  • Remote Support

  • 20 years of Experience with Windows computers.

  • Focus on Small Businesses with no more than 20 PC’s/laptops and two servers.

  • Fast logo and web design.

  • Hardware and software procurement.

  • Support in Spanish (if needed)